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Ed H

06 4wd XLT Escape front end shimmy

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I have an 06 escape 4wd it has been well maintained with 183000 miles on it front brakes rotors and pads are done 5 months ago but it recently developed a front end shimmy front end shake steering wheel shake mostly at higher speeds when lightly applying the brake pushing harder on the brake tends to make it go away and none existent at lower speeds. I checked brake hardware brackets for tightness, spun tires to check for warped rotors not evident, greased slid bolts, the only thing that I noticed is very slight play with inner tie rods , but not enough  IMHO  to create that kind of shimmy rotated tires with no change ball joints are new and tight . my next thought is to change out rotors again but hate to throw good money after bad it only has 5000 miles on brakes Since new was NAPA rotors and pads but I guess a warped rotors is not out of the question but at this point it doesn’t appear to me to be the case anyone with any ideas I appreciate it

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