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Warm restart issues

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Good morning Ford people! I have a 2011 Escape that I have had almost 2 years. I love this car but lately, if it gets warm (like if I drive it half an hour or more), shut it off..it won't reatart until it cools down for about 10 minutes.  Then it starts without an issue.  It wants to fire when warm but just won't. During this, it revs all the way, all the dash lights come on and it dies.  I have a video but it's too big for upload. 

Ive had 2 mechanics look at it. No error codes come up.  It doesn't do it all the time so its a crapshoot trying to have someone see it when it happens. My mechanic yesterday put 50 miles on it and had it running at his shop flr 3 hours

.and nothing.   Of course. 🙁

Does anyone have any ideas??

Thank you!!!


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Am I right in saying it is a no crank no start?  Check out on You Tube.   It could be the "ignition column lock module"  It is a common failure point on Fords of that time frame.  It is a mechanical, plastic piece that connects your ignition lock with the starter switch.  It slowly wears out.  It will not trigger any codes.

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