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2020 Ford Escape Easy Access Cargo Cover

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I ordered a 2020 Escape, however after the order was placed, I decided I wanted to add the Easy Access Cargo Cover (EACC).Now, here is where it gets interesting:
In talking to someone on parts.ford.com, I was given the part number for the cover itself and a local dealership sells it for $115.
It also requires two clips that mount to the liftgate, and two pins that the support line/string attaches to on the interior trim panels. The two retainers are $5/ea, but they cannot find the pins for the trim panel separately.

I can't seem to find a part listing for them either, and the parts.ford person I spoke with claimed the only way to get them was to order the trim panels with them.

Is Ford really expecting someone to order $400+ in trim panels just to get the two pin/hooks to add the EACC? The "Major" part number for the trim is the same with or without the 'package shelf' option, and in looking at one on the lot, even without the EACC, it has plugs over the holes where the hook pins go. 


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