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2016 trans question + 2 quick other questions

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Hi, my daughter has a 2016 Escape base that has recently developed a an issue with the car(transmission??). The car was at a stop sign and when she took her foot off the brake pedal and placed it onto the gas pedal the car 'jolted' (her words). Something similar happened to her brother when he drove the car a few days ago. She talked with her boss, who also had a Ford Escape, and he had a similar issue that turned out to be a torque converter issue. Anyone heard of this? I don't see any recalls and so far I can't find any transmission or power-train TSB's but maybe someone here has a link to one.

Second issue is the ac. Sometimes when she gets in the car and turns on her ac, there isn't any cooling coming out of the dash vents. She can feel the cool air on her feet or through the defroster - just not through the dash vents. She turns the ac off/on several times, as well as switching the selector button between the dash vents, floor, defrost, etc and it eventually starts working. My gut tells me that there is some kind of issue with the blend door because I had something like this on my other Ford vehicles.Is there a TSB or recall on this?

Finally, my daughter has already had to have the rear back-up camera replaced (it didn't come on sometimes) and now that seems to be working. However, the actual radio will not come on sometimes? She hits the button to turn it on and nothing - it looks and acts dead. No lights, the screen is blank/off, no sound - nothing. Most times it works fine -just has the problem once in a while. Anyone know of/about or have any experience with this issue? Again, if there are any TSB's please let us know because we couldn't find any.

My daughter is taking it to the dealer and if the issue doesn't happen when the vehicle is there, they usually blow you off. Having a TSB or two would be very helpful.

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