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Two piece lug nuts

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 I just heard about the two piece lug nut problem.  The websites seem to disagree on what models had this problem. I have a 2018 Titanium Escape. How can I tell if mine are two piece or not? It looks like they are aluminum, and a magnet is weakly attracted to them.  Do I have to remove one and destroy it to tell? If that's what I have, i want it OFF my car!
 This one says the problem was through 2015.  https://ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/ford-lug-nut-swelling-problem/
  This issue makes Ford look pretty bad. I could understand if they admitted the problem and fixed it(lug nuts must be one of the cheapest parts of the car), but to refuse to acknowledge it and let the lawyers and judge sweep it under the rug doesn't show much integrity.

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FYI, I have a 2018 Titanium AWD with 19inch wheels with 50,250 miles and yesterday while getting "The Works" at the local Ford dealer I was shown that mine had early signs of swollen Lug Nuts. I had all twenty replaced/installed for about $130. I thought this was a older Ford problem

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