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gene moffitt

Problems with 2.5 engine in 2017 Escape

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On Jan 16, 2020 I had to take vehicle in for service because engine light was on. Test showed water was getting into number 2 cylinder. They installed a short block. 

March 5, 2020  Had an oil leak,  Service said  Turbo tube o-ring rolled and dripping.  Repaired.

May 14, 2020. Had another oil leak. Service said front crank seal. Replaced.  Plus this item "Check oil pump for leak. Replace oil pump, gasket, crank seal and crank bolt due to I damaged the oil pump bracket for the crankshaft sensor during torque of the crankshaft pulley bolt.

Escape has 44341 miles.  

Of course there has not been any charge for this work as warranty is still in effect. Has anyone else had any problems with this 2.5 engine?

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