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Bumper/Grill clips/screws?

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, but have owned a 2006 Escape XLS for about 6 months. And I bought it from my mother who bought it new. I got into an accident in December in which I got struck directly in the right front tire/fender.  

It took me about 6 months to get the car back in working order, fixing it up here and there, and the current pandemic made it take even longer.


So the last thing I have to do is put on the front bumper and grill. I have 0 experience with this, but I have looked on eBay for the clips and screws but was wondering is anyone can confirm or deny that the parts I am looking at are correct, or maybe can even point me in the right direction for something more specific? What I saw on eBay is just a general Ford body clip kit.


Any help or response would be greatly appreciated, thank you all....-Glen.


P.S. I am more concerned with the bumper because I'm sure I can figure out the grill quite easily.

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