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Voice Navigation Commands No Longer Work 2020 Escape

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I received an email this week that I had a Navigation Update. I downloaded the map update to a USB stick and installed it. Today  and I can no longer use voice commands to find a place or find an address.  As soon as I make the request, the voice menu just goes back home. The Sync Voice commands work for changing radio stations, initiating a phone call and when using Android Auto. 

I am on Sync 3.4 Build 19200

System Updates F8:30:02:96:55:A6

Navigation Maps Version NA119

Any Suggestions? Is there a way to reset or restart Sync?


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Soft reset the system by pressing the power button and fast forward button  >>  until the screen goes black . Let go and the unit will restart shortly. 

I am totally disgusted with Fords Sync 3 system because you will be doing the reset quite often.  As much as my 2018 Escape Titanium is a nice vehicle I would NEVER had bought it had I known this was an incurable problem that has gone on for years with only a promise of a cure.  It should be a recall with a fix or there needs to be a class action suit .

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