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Which remote is it?

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We have a 2019 Escape with only 1 key fob/prox remote push button start. Trying to get a replacement.  Closest Ford dealer (an hour away) parts guy says the part # is 164R8092/FCC #: M3N5WY8609. Is that all we need to know? Of course he doesn't have any in stock so he would have to order them, so he can't answer the questions that I have about the ID numbers or key type (see below).
A local automotive locksmith says check chip number, ID46 vs ID83, but says we can't see it because only his machine can tell?  A 2nd  automotive locksmith says check the number on the inside of the remote when the emergency key is removed, which should either be: BT4T-15K601-Hx, or CJ5T-15K601-Dx. I think different types of emergency keys come with the different numbers, but is that the only difference?  Or do tha numbers (BT4T-15K601-Hx, or CJ5T-15K601-Dx) indicate different types of chips, ID46 vs ID83. 
A 3rd automotive locksmith says just verify the number on the IC rom chip on the little green board inside says: NXP and F7953AC1700 and we'll be OK.  A 4th automotive locksmith says as long as it says M3N5WY8609, and it has the correct emergency key we have now, either 164-8041 or 164-R8022 - (which we have) and it will work.??
All I know is that we have a key FOB with the numbers/letters M3N5WY8609 & BT4T-15K601-Hx inside which can be seen with the emergency key removed, and the little rom chip inside says: NXP and F7953AC1700 (as well as the 164-R8022 emergency key). One of the locksmiths say we have the correct key FOB for our escape, but we have the wrong emergency key??
After all of this, I don't even know if we even have the correct emergency key. I think all these locksmiths are trying to scare me so I will just buy the key from them, along with having them program the key FOB. Unfortunately they all have conflicting information and their prices aren't much better than the dealership. Thats what we get for living out in the boonies.
Please help. With all the numbers and conflicting info, I'm totally lost! Just want to know which remote is it, with which numbers and which emergency key that we should be using. 

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