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Anyone ever changed out/upgraded SYNC?

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Just wondering if anyone has ever upgraded a 2016 Ford Escape S with the 4.2 inch screen and regular SYNC - to the 8 inch screen with I believe is SYNC 3? I wonder if, besides the different face-plate on the dash for the bigger LCD screen, if the connection(s) inside the dash are the same, and if the different radio/NAV screen will fit without modifications. We have a 2016 Ford Escape S trim level, with a small 4.2 inch screen, and I have a source for a 2016 Escape, titanium trim level - with the 8 inch screen and the SYNC # in it that was just totaled. It's quite a drive to make to get it but I would do it if I knew that it would just snap in/plug-in place easily. Wondering if this swap would work? Has anyone ever made this switch in this generation Escape? Does anyone know for sure?



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