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New 2020 Escape Hybrid Owner

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Recently purchased my 2020 Escape Titanium Hybrid, and now have juts over 1000 miles. I wish I could have waited a couple of years to get a plug-in version, but once they start production again they are all apt to go to California like the previous lot did.  Being in Florida I couldn't hold my breath that long. By the trip meters in the car I seem to be get about 1/3 to 1/2 of my miles on electric. I have no trouble getting 42-44 mpg around the suburbs if I stay of the freeway. I love the quiet when the engine is off. I have not done a good check of my mileage yet as I am waiting for the engine to be broken in. Between my wife and I this is our third hybrid after owner a 2004, and 2016 Prius. 

I love the lane centering and adaptive cruise control. Requires some getting used to and knowing when to slow down for traffic ahead rather than rely on the radar. Also they could tweak it so it gets better fuel economy as it brakes too hard and accelerates too quickly for my liking.

I traded in my 2015 Rogue with 88000 miles. It was a good car,  it had no repairs ever needed other than maintenance items. I am hoping the Escape proves to be as reliable. I have gone Japanese for the last 25 years after a fit with our '94 Thunderbird. I did however put 165,000 miles on my 1985 Mercury Topaz without too much trouble. Never even had to replace the clutch. 

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  Does the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid use an electric A/C compressor?  Or is the A/C compressor belt driven?  I'm trying to understand if the gasoline engine needs to be running to get use of the A/C?




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