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2008 Escape Bad Trans

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Hey everyone!

Not sure what to do and feeling pretty raked over. Bought a 2008 escape from a dealership as is back in August 2020. I wasn't able to get it inspected due to covid-19, which was my first mistake.

Now, it's January and the transmission has been slipping and randomly shifting on me so bad I can't travel with it now.

It had no signs of these issues until a month or so ago, it popped while I was going up a hill. It's been a champ in every other regard except for some electrical issues. Wondering if that may be the problem? I just put my first 3k miles on it. All fluids are clean and topped off. Don't know what to do. Spent $8k cash.

Anyone have any insight? My funds are limited, so I'm trying not to feel discouraged, but that's the way my guts leaning. How would the dealership have hid this problem on me? So now, if I go to sell it, I have to sell it with problems and for what... Half the price? Such a bad investment lol

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