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Purchase Help ! 2008 Hybrid Vs 2011 XLT

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Hello everyone !

im in the market for a new car !

I like the style and size of the Ford Escape, looks good for my growing family / work.

So my driving lifestyle is...

100 Miles a day. 50 to and from work. 
90% of that is on the interstate. 
Family trips out of state at least once a month 6-8 hour drives. 
I did 30k miles last year. 

So online I found a 2008 Escape Hybrid and a 2011 Escape XLT.
So the both have 150k mileage. 
Both are in excellent condition. 

I need something reliable and dependable. 
Nothing that’ll leave me stranded. 
I have a 2005 Prius now and it’s given me a bad taste for hybrids, constant work on the hybrid battery. But I love the MPG !

Im leaning more towards the 2008 Hybrid but don’t want to be in the same situation as I am now. 

please some input would be extremely helpful !

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