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2020 escape issues

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Hello everyone, I’m new on here, and I was wondering if anyone has had any of the same issues as my has been having, I got my 2020 escape SEL in August of 2020,  I now have just under 10,000 on it and it’s been in the shop at least twice a month since I’ve had it!! It started of the day I bought the car, as we were doing the delivery walk around I noticed the dash was bubbled up and the back up camera was completely pushed up into the housing, I brought that to the attention of my salesman and we made a appointment a couple weeks later to get it fixed, they fixed that issue then that’s when my other list of issues started, 

1) I started have an issue with my car slamming from reverse to park when I put the car in reverse from drive, they did an update and it’s working somewhat better but not perfect

2) my Bluetooth keeps disconnecting when I’m using it and I’ve had that update twice and that appears to be working better!

3) a small noise when i would barley turn the steering wheel at slow speeds, they did some repairs but still hear it sometimes!

now to the two issues I’ve yet for the to fix at all! I’ve had it in the shop three times now for the passenger rear door, it has not been aligned properly since day one, I’ve had it tweaked at the Ford dealer, and that made it worse so they ordered me new hinges and that fixed only PART of the issue. It’s now kicked out at the top and is leaking a little bit and the bottom trim on the rear wheel well that is completely off compared to the door! And the me drivers rear door is also not aligned properly!! 

And then lastly my headlights are starting to fog over ALREADY!! I work from home and the car sets in the garage it’s only in the sun/weather is when I’m driving the car! It upsets me to be having theses problems on a car that costs as much as my fully loaded Escape SEL did! I’m just wondering if anyone else has had the issues abs have had any of them fixed properly!! Thank you! 

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