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2.0 ecoboost milage

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I bought a 2017 titanium 2.0 ecoboost awd and I only get 19 to 20 mpg and that is hwy and city. What are you guy's getting. I read one fella is getting 33 mpg . Any help or did I buy a 4cyl gas hog?

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Gave my 2017 Ford Escape 2.0 to daughter. Bought a 2020 Escape SEL. Got much better mileage with the 2017 - put 10K on the 2020 and tracked mileage for first time - 17 mpg (Imperial gallons - larger than U.S gallon). Big disappointment - thought they were supposed to be improving the vehicles each year....... apparently not! They must determine projected mileage using a dart board!!! Wondering if I have made a big mistake with the new Escape????

The 2017 was consistently getting near 30 in mixed driving. Loved the pick up when passing traffic!

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