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Parasitic draw on 2010 Escape Limited 3.0

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Suffering from a phantom draw on my Escape. It's killed 2 batteries already. The first time was the Rear wiper ceasing up so That connecter is unplugged. Would this still cause a draw with the connecter to the wiper motor unplugged?

On my old 76 mustang, I used to just pull fuses until I found the draw stop. I can't do that in my escape as it restarts the computer each time I reinstall a fuse.

The second problem is the radio on the fuse 39 circuit but I can't find a diagram with that fuse on it. Any info would help.

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With an ammeter hooked up, doors shut and key out of the ignition, wait 20 minutes for all the modules to go to sleep. The current reading at this point should be around 20mA.

If greater, remove each fuse one by one until the current drops to near to that amount (do NOT reinstall the fuses) and then you can diagnose the circuit related to the last fuse you removed.

Not sure of your question on the last part. Fuse 28, 38, and 39 are all related to the audio system. Fuse 39 is the main B+ line to the audio control module (without navigation)


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Thanks for the input. I have tried what you stated but it takes over 20 minutes each time I pull a fuse for it to settle back down. It's a long process but I guess I was just hoping for a faster way. As for the fuses mentioned. My Hanes manual doesn't have any of the electrical drawings for those fuses so I have no way of tracing any other connections if any. 38 or 39 was one of the big constant draws so I'll have to pull the Amp out of the back panel and see if it a grounding issue. Being 10 years old who knows what or where in this old wiring harness an issue may be. I'll keep plugging and if I find anything unique I'll post again.




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