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2018 Escape AWD Titanium Start/Stop Problem

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The start/stop on my recently purchased 2018 Escape has worked maybe three times during my 7 months ownership. According to the manual the following criteria must be met for it to work:

The Auto-Start-Stop button is not pressed (not illuminated). - It is turned on
Your vehicle exceeds an initial speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) after the vehicle has
been initially started - YES
Your vehicle is stopped - YES
Your foot is on the brake pedal - YES
The transmission is in drive (D) - YES
The driver's door is closed - YES
There is adequate brake vacuum - Unknown
The interior compartment has been cooled or warmed to an acceptable
level - YES climate control is actually off
The front windshield defroster is off - YES
The steering wheel is not turned rapidly or is not at a sharp angle - YES
The vehicle is not on a steep road grade - YES
The battery is within optimal operating conditions (battery state of charge and
temperature in range) - Just replaced with new battery
The engine coolant is at operating temperature -YES
Elevation is below approximately 10,000 ft (3,048 m) - YES
Ambient temperature is moderate - YES

Does anybody know of a way to read the ECM and determine which or the criteria is causing it to not function?


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