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05 escape 3.0 no take off power, but will get up to speed

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Ok, ive been working on this problem on and off for about 2 weeks. I get in, starts right up, free revs , but when I put in gear it will not go any thing past idle power until it starts rolling, then it will begin to take power.many, many people, articles tend to make you think the converters are plugged. Wrong! not clogged converters. as big a job to remove the exhaust on this engine, I did it. Now, that is acomplished, we know it is not converters. I get no trouble codes at all. Fuel trim seems fine, fuel pressure is 40 lbs running, tested the fuel pressure regulator, its ok. changed the tps . all vaccuum lines are clear, new fuel filter, spark plugs. I am looking for some advice to test other components. It starts up quickly, never overheats, just wont pull itself away from the curb even under full throttle ! it just revs a little bit . It idles so smooth. I am looking at fuel injectors possibly clogged. Help please!

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Yes, it definitely wouldn't be a converter; I hate it when people suggest this without looking at all the symptoms as plugged converters will usually have little effect on low end power/rpm and will gradually get worse as rpm/load increases.

If engine related, possible causes are MAF or MAP sensors, failing coils/plugs (typically cause a misfire when loaded) or injectors, but may be a mechanical problem that has affected valve timing (may show on a compression/leak down test).

However, have you been able to scan the transmission module as it sounds a lot like the transmission is stuck in a high gear such as being in a limp in mode and starting in third gear (like trying to ride a bicycle from a stop in a high gear)?


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