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Great replacement tire

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I recently bought a 2018 Escape Titanium with 32000 miles.  The tires were Michelin Latitude.  They still had 6 /32 - 7/ 32nds tread with what seemed like a smooth wear pattern.  Problem was that they were extremely noisy.  I began to think there was a bad wheel or internal drive bearing that went bad.

I decided to go with new tires,  and after some research went with Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive in the stock size.  The difference was amazing. All noise was gone and city driving slap from things like tar strips were nearly eliminated.  Road defects were absorbed better than I could have ever imagined. 

Due to some heavy rain,  I was able to check for hydroplaning and wet traction.  Both were very good.  Dry road handling was very controlled and even when pushed hard,  held the road like you would expect from a  premium V rated all season tire.

I owned an auto repair shop for over 20 years and handled many brands of tires .  This new series has impressed me enough to write this and pass on my findings. No it won't be the tire you want for off road or the race track, but if you want an outstanding on road tire, Keep it in mind

235/50/18 Goodyear Assurance QuietDrive  700  treadwear-Traction A  Temperature A


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