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2020 w/ clunking in rear

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I purchased my escape brand new. The vehicle has less than 14k miles on it at this time. I just took it to the dealership for 2 issues, water streaming into the drivers side when the AC was on (which was repaired) and an intermittent clunking noise in the rear end when turning while driving and also when reversing. The dealership cannot find any issues with the vehicle and "cannot replicate the noise". I know the feelings, I've tried and can't. But I have had 5 different people in the vehicle with me on all different days and all have heard and/or felt it. My oldest daughter swore I hit a curb, no curb anywhere near the vehicle when I was turning out of a pull through parking spot. I had a suspicion that this would happen and had already researched this issue. I have found it listed as far back as 2016, mind you this was a quick search and not in depth. Ppl saying the PCM was reprogrammed, coupling repaired, rear differential, etc. Most of these attempts never repaired the problem. The amount of people who have had the exact same issue is ridiculous. I did just see how someone was able to replicate it, I will definitely be trying it. All my descriptions I'm finding in all these other comments. And most of those people have also listed that Ford Customer Service has stated "if it can't be replicated it won't be fixed" and pretty much blew it off. I will charge an old cell and sit in in the vehicle on record every damn time I drive if necessary for proof. I do a lot of highway miles, I have my 9 yr old every morning and afternoon, I'm a nurse who needs a functioning vehicle to perform my job and support my family. I have been told by Customer Support today that they see no documentation of my issue on their side, so I guess the mechanic hasn't documented anything. Sorry this service manager is a texter, because I now have proof he looked at it, if he doesn't document the concern. I'm not an idiot, not documented I cannot prove how many times the vehicle was in the shop for the same problem in order to call Lemon. Customer service even went as far to tell me that I need to take to another dealership to have evaluated. I told them I was lucky the dealership had a loaner, cause I cannot be without a vehicle. That for me to continue to come into work late or leave early in order to get the vehicle to another dealership, beg for a loaner, etc etc is ridiculous and poor customer service. ESPECIALLY when there are multiple documentations found online, which yes, I will be printing out, to show this problem is not new to the Escape. I'm a very dissatisfied customer who's first personal experience with a Ford is turning out to be a nightmare. Has another else dealt with this issue? 


I mean, crap, I had a water leak - found and fixed.

My screen randomly freezes and if I unplug my phone from carplay I get nothing until I turn the car off and it sits for a bit before it will come back on.   

The screen/radio has randomly shut down while driving and then suddenly boots back up. 

Now this issue in the rear end 

What's next ? I'm a very unhappy customer and interested to hear if anyone else is going through this issues as well. 

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