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I have a question about what's going on with my first gen. It's a 2002 xlt v6 auto 4x4. 122xxx miles.

 1. The Torque convertor lockup in 4th is pretty rough. I've heard that this is from the convertor slipping on lock up and pretty common. With OD off it's not nearly as noticable but that could be from the RPM difference. 

2. Recently, when it locks it will sometimes make a scraping type sound or hesitate to lock. It feels like a gear slip. 

I've owned it for less than a year so the maintenance history is not know but everything looks like it was babied by the P.O. anyone have this issue that could point me where to start? I love my car and would rather not rip the gears up or something.

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Most commonly the torque converter is failing. If you have a scanner you can monitor TCC application, RPM or input speed (Impeller) and output speed (Turbine not Vehicle Speed) and look for "slip" or the difference between the input and output speeds and see if that matches what you are feeling.

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