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2015 Ford Escape "transmission fault"

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I have a 2015 ford escape se 1.6 ecoboost with awd. It has 147,000 miles. Second owner, had it since about 60,000 miles and june of 18.

Car has performed flawless. I even tow a small trailer with our dirt bikes a lot.

Yesterday,i changed the battery i removed entire airbox and intake duct to get access. It was the orm battery and while it was still working i noticed some slow starting at time and ts summer so i didn't want to get stuck somewhere.

Anyway, got everything back together and the dash is flashing an error code and dinging. It say "transmission fault service now". 

I unhooked battery for an hour, still there.

But its only on the dash. My code reader says "no codes" 

It runs and drives no different. I looked for maybe breaking a line or hose while putting batter back in. The airbox is a tight fit. But i didnt readily ser anything

I have tried a couple different transmission reset procedures but non have worked. Any ideas?





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Did you locate an answer I'm having the same issue


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I have this problem on my '16, occasionally accompanies by a Check Engine light that they say is related. Dealer resets it along with the check engine light, says it'll be a couple of months before they can get to it. 

They say I'm not doing any harm with these things going on, but in my previous life, we addressed any annunciators with action. 

I'm told that there is a lock-up problem with the torque converter, but no further details. 




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