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Hey guys and gals. Om new to this forum. So I bought an 05 escape 3.0 xlt sport. With 160k. A couple months ago and it says on line 31 hwy-36city mpg . I get nowhere close to that . I am lucky if I get 120, miles to the tank. I drive normally and mostly highway miles. Tbe truck runs fine no skipping, no engine light, brakes good wheel bearing are on my rear are new I just did them my fronts are starting to whine a little.  But other than that I can't find any reason for that kind of milage. I had a1970 chevy Camaro z28 &1\2 with a 350. Bored out to a 383ci. With a stroker lower. And I got better milage . And my 2000 f250 v10 got better milage . Anyone else have same issue ? Any fixes that can help me out plz



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