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Hey guys,

First time time poster.  So a few years ago I bought my mothers 2010, FWD, 4 cyl Escape for a few $1000 b/c I new she took care of it and a small SUV would compliment my sports sedan nicely.  I am currently spending my first winter in WV and the weather has been very snowy/icy thus far.

To my disappointment the differential is open and does not have any sort of system like Subaru where a brake is applied to the slipping wheel to encourage the other wheel to turn.

My question is; is getting some sort of an aftermarket, locking differential viable, feasible, practical and/or realistic?  Is there even such a thing/is such a thing even possible?

Thank you for any input,



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Hi. Beautiful color. I almost got one that color too but went for the red.

The factory traction control system will apply a pulsed braking force to one of the slipping front wheels (FWD models) once enough wheel slip is detected. Are you sure it doesn't have the traction control system as it is a pretty standard option for that year? I had a FWD model for several years and then opted to get the AWD version (same interior/exterior color and everything). 

Honestly, if traction is that much of a concern in your area I would just recommend a trade to a AWD. Being a FWD you can't really do anything with the final drive as it's within the transaxle assembly.

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