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Coolant smell

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My 2014 1.6 Escape has a coolant odor coming from the right side of the engine. I can't see any obvious wetness but it does have a few drops 

on the pavement every morning. Any ideas on where to look for a leak? I'm hoping it is not a head gasket.  Thanks.



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Fortunately, head gasket leaks are not as common to leak externally. If you can determine where the drop is hitting the pavement (maybe put a large piece of carboard under the area) you can zero in more if it's coming from an area closer to the radiator, the engine or the firewall area (rear of the engine compartment).

Are you sure it's coolant? Is your coolant level actually going down over time? Radiator, coolant hoses and plastic coolant outlets on the engine are all possibilities. Could be worth it to just pay for a pressurized cooling system test and know for sure.




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