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Spare tire not included 2022 Escape

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So, much to my chagrin (mainly because my salesperson didn't bother to mention it), not only does the 2022 Ford Escape not come with the canvas container for the owner's manual but...


There is some kind of little compressor and I guess a can of some kind of inflation agent but I would rather have a spare tire, jack, and wrench.

I have called dealerships all over the west and NO ONE has the spare tire kit which has a Ford Part number.

How can this possible be the state of affairs? By the way, when asked about it, my salesperson did tell me later that the spare etc had been eliminated so the car WEIGHED LESS! How ridiculous...

My faith in humanity is waning. Not even a spare tire...

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I feel your pain.  A lot of the Ford Mustangs (since at least 2007) don't come with a spare tire either.  It's supposed to be about weight savings, which I think is B.S. - it's more about cost cutting.  I had to go to a crush yard and buy a spare.


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