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Just bought my 2022 CPO Escape Hybrid Plug In Titanium and....

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I love it so far but have no idea what I'm doing yet lol  So many buttons so little time. I have a car manual in my future.

Any tips for a newby like me?

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I have the same model... in red 🙂  I felt the same way when I first bought it
Have you read or at least skimmed though the manual? That... will help

A few tips: 
When you press the button to open the trunk make sure you press and let go right away. The tendency from experience with a non power lift gate is to push and pull it up...your trunk door will not like that 🙂

Make sure you understand the difference between driving modes EV Now etc.

Make sure you use some  / do some gas driving. Leaving fresh gas in your tank and never using it if you drive in EV Only mode for months at a time could leave 

Use the ford app. It has some usefulness like letting you know when your car is fully charged or how far long it is in charging and some other uses

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