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2011 Brake light problem.

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I recently bought a 2011 Escape XLT. I discovered the brake lights don't work. 

Let me preface this by saying I'm a retired truck and equipment mechanic. While I never worked on cars much, I can generally fix whatever comes up. The principals are all the same. 

So I got to checking into the problem. I have power to the switch. I can run a jumper on the connector and the brakes lights do come on. Simple right, bad switch. But a new switch didn't fix it. In fact I've tried three new switches, the last one being a Ford factory switch. None of them work. I tested all 3 with a multi-meter and none are showing a connection. 🤬

Has anybody ever heard of this before or have any idea what the Hell is going on? What am I missing? 

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More info:

I was able to get a schematic of the lighting system.
Looking at the back of the switch when mounted. Left to right
Terminal 1 Violet/ white stripe goes to the brake lights.
Terminals 2 &3 run the shift lock and whatever else.
Terminal 4 Yellow with red stripe is power and goes directly to fuse #2. This wire is hot.
I can run a jumper from terminal 1 to terminal 4 and the brake lights do come on.

I've tested all 3 new switches with a multi meter. On all 3 switches terminals 2 &3 are open in the pushed position and make contact in the released position. just as they should
However, terminals 1 &4 do NOT make contact in either position

It keeps coming up as a bad switch. But 3 different brand new switches form 3 separate vendors all being bad?  Am I missing something here? 

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