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Help wiring auxillary lights?

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I've worked on cars ever since I was 16. I've done practically everything you can think of, pulled a motor, upgraded turbo, exhaust stuff, ECU stuff, injectors, fuel pump, even some body painting ... the list goes on.

But for some reason I can't wrap my head around installing auxillary lights. OK, power goes to the battery and ground goes to ground, but then I got lost when I hear relays, switches, fuses, etc.

Anyone know of a good, simple write up on how to install aftermarket lights? (Don't worry, I would NOT) be using these on the road and blinding people). 

It would be much appreciated!

2006 Escape Limited BTW. 

Also BTW I plan on doing a roof rack with Hella 500s eventually, so this knowledge would help me in the future as well. 


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