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Transmission error code P0741

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I've gotten the dreaded P0741 error code a bunch of times. The first time it happened, I took it to a shop that wanted to put a rebuilt unit in, without checking anything out. The car runs, drives, acts totally fine. Has almost 60K miles on it. Since then, it has come on probably a dozen times. Sometimes the check engine light comes on too, sometimes it doesn't. It always goes away after a little while. The last shop I took it to said they couldn't find any real reason for the dash message. Manager there said he would rebuild it if I really wanted him to, but he said if it was him, he would drive until it showed signs of a problem or performed poorly, which is what I'm inclined to do. 

What gives with this craziness? Anybody here know? I've heard the Escape trans is a problem, especially the 2014, but this is insane. I'm wondering if it's not an actual transmission fault, but an electronic or sensor problem.


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