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Brake lines catastrophic failure, replacement, codes

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16 year old new driver took my '08 to go see the grandparents, approaching a round-about began braking and nothing!  She was fortunately at a low speed and turned to the right to avoid a rear end and the gravel shoulder stopped the vehicle.  Found low brake fluid in the reservoir, steady drip above the front left tire, ABS and Brake warning lights on so towed it home, pulled the front tires and found driver's side brake line burst and the passenger side frayed and split.  Easy replacement, took less than 30 minutes to remove and replace the lines (13mm and 14mm wrench), refill the reservoir, bleed the brakes.  Problem is the ABS warning light is still on and the "Check Brake System"  warning is on the information screen.  Codes are C1478-AO and C1480-AO, Left (Right) Front Wheel Brake Pressure Control Plausibility Failure.  Any experience or thoughts as to how to clear the faults?718894927_Fordbrakeline.thumb.jpg.9531ebce69b2dea820965a4ae94f3e47.jpg

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