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I am at my wits end. A little history on the problem. It shut off on my wife last week while she was inside clocking in at work. It took a few tries to get it to start but it finally did. It went dead acting like it was giving out of gas twice till she finally parked it. After that it would just crank and not start. Got it towed home and a few days later replaced the crank shaft position sensor. It crunk up like new money and ran fine. Sounded good and everything. I let it sit and idle to build the battery but while me and a friend was talking it just shut off. It may have ran 5 mins and just died on us. I went back thinking maybe the new sensor was faulty and replaced it. Same thing. So today I changed out the camshaft position sensors and changed the oil. Same thing, crank with no start. I have also checked fuel pump and fuel pressure at the rail. I was getting a P016c or P061c error on my ODB scanner. That was what got me to change the sensors. Today after I changed the camshaft position sensors I got a different code. It was P068A. I cleared the errors and havent gotten that code again. So I'm not sure if it was a 1 off deal or not. 

Please any insight from anyone that has had similar issues please help. I'm trying to avoid putting it in a shop. Around here it takes forever to get vehicles back and it's our only ride. Also literally just paid it off a month ago. Please any help would be appreciated.

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