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Would you buy an Escape Hybrid / PHEV again?

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My little red 2014 Lincoln MKZ with 116K is thinking about retiring. Unfortunately, since Ford doesn't build any cars anymore, except for the Mustang, I'm considering buying one of their trucks, probably the Escape Hybrid / PHEV. I currently work as a valet at a Lincoln dealer and while the Corsair, the gussied yup Escape, is nice, it's not $55K-$60K nice. Not to mention my MKZ gets better mileage and rides nicer.

So, to any Escape Hybrid / PHEV owners, would you buy one again? Is the Titantium/Platinum version worth the extra bucks? Is the PHEV a Titanium/Platinum trim level to start? I'll probably try to buy an off lease model as new one are, in my opinion, grossly over priced.

Thank you.

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