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    • Hi all! I am a new owner of a 2017 Ford Escape SE and I hope I can get a few questions answered. 1. I am able to start my vehicle with my FordPass app. Can I just get a key fob for back-up without the dealer having to "install" anything on the vehicle? 2. Can you convert from a key ignition to a push button?  (what about front sensors?---will these two things null my warranty and extended warranty?) 3. Is there a site where I can obtain the official window sticker for my VIN. 4. Looking to make my "wheels" black, plastidip or order new ones? 5. And the only way for map navigation without using data would be to download google apps? 6. Recommendations for the back hatch to stop things from sliding around...   Kellissia
    • Hi! Newbie here.... trying to track down a replacement fuel tank for a 2002 escape 4WD V6, can't find anything anywhere online, dealership AND parts stores are no help.. I can't be the first... anyone know anyone who's done a replacement and what they were able to use? Auto zone had compatible ones on the website search but when I called the guy at the store said they were a no go... 
    • I hope this vehicle isn't to old for this forum, but here goes. When I get off the freeway and come to a stop the, what I suspect to be, torque converter clutch solenoid remains locked. It use to be that all I had to do was turn off the key and start in neutral and it would release. I'm fairly certain that is the CCS. My problem is: I don't know where the CCS is on the vehicle. Again, were discussing a 2005 Ford Escape V6 3.0. I've looked on line and found images of 6 locations where it "could" be. I realize you folks are not clairvoyant and without seeing the vehicle you'd be hard pressed to tell me where it is. I'm just hoping someone can lead me in the right direction to where I can find the right location. Picture 1 is under the radiator hose Picture 2 is in the top of the transmission Picture 3 is in the torque converter cover I hope they help!
    • They have my Escape fixed. 😀 My Service Rep called me yesterday afternoon. She said they have it fixed and it’s running fine, she requested to keep it another day so they could drive it and make sure there are no problems before they give her back.  My work schedule wont allow me to be the one to pick it up this afternoon 08/11/2020, so my husband will be driving 4 door 4x4 F150 aka (Monster). I hope he doesn’t get attached. 😉
    • I have the same problem with this, anyone have a solution to this post?  
    • Traded in loaner #1 2020 Eco-Sport ( roller skate) for loaner #2 2020 F-150 4x4 (Monster) that will not fit in my garage , seems they want to keep loaners under 2,000 miles. Dealer rep said they have someone coming in Monday to check on my Escape. Escape has not been started since 7/27/2020. 

      My new car tags arrived yesterday.  I will be trying to get my personalized plates from my previous 2007 Edge changed to the new Escape. The  DMV assured me waiting for new tags from dealer was best way to go. Thanks Covid-19 for making thing’s complicated.

      WORDS FOR THE WISE- Dont be the 1st person to sign up for recalls. I scheduled appointment online and followed up with phone call to make sure they had parts or equipment for the recall appointment. Things just didn’t go the way I had hoped.
         I’m very thankful the dealer has issued the loaners and have been very upfront with contacting me on status. The Loaners are above average loaner cars/ top of the line in their categories.  I will still give Ford A+ on any survey, they have been honorable.
    • I’m having the same problem.  Did you ever find a solution?   I have changed the battery, battery harness and the starter.  I have also cleaned the connections to the starter ground, the ground from the battery to the frame and added a a larger 2ga cable from the battery to the frame.  
        i know it is a lose ground pulling power but not sure where else to look next to determine where.  I anyone has ideas I would certainly appreciate if you would share.
    • Hey all, I have a 2006 2WD Escape w manual trans. When I got it about a month ago it had an ABS light on. I replaced the sensor, then realized it had a bad tone ring on the driver's side, which I assumed would fix the issue. It didn't. As soon as I started driving after the tone ring replacement the light came back on. I checked the fuses and everything seems fine. It is still throwing the C1233 code. I've heard that some codes take a certain number of fault-free drive cycles before the code will clear itself from the system. It runs and brakes fine, it's just annoying and won't pass inspection, which is due at the end of this month, Any help is appreciated!
    • 8/3/20  Still waiting. The dealer has been contacting me and they are still waiting on fix.
    • I’ve taken the initiative to get my Escape in as soon as I noticed the reprogramming recall with the  Ford app on my phone.  On Monday 9am 07/27/2020  They thought it would be less than an hour wait. I was happy to sit and wait. My service contact let me know they were having computer issues about 40 min in.  She came in another 20 to let me know they couldn’t get it started and they had called Ford Hot Line. She set me up in a loaner and told me it could be a couple to few days. Will follow up with this post when I get my baby home.
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