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    • I had that problem after I bought a used 2006 Explorer. It was not the ABS. It was the front end. For some reason, when the front end left bushing got damaged, it sent the wrong information to the ABS, making it stop working. In my Chevy Trailblazer, the ABS does not work at all, but the breaks work fine. I just don't get any "help" from the ABS. I would check the front right and left, and the sensors before replacing the ABS module. If you change it, even if you buy a used one, you will have to go to the dealer to reprogram it. They will lock you in a room and ask for your life savings to let you out.
    • Just wanted to say "hi" to everyone. I have an 01 Escape SEL that I picked up back in March.
    • I feel your pain.  A lot of the Ford Mustangs (since at least 2007) don't come with a spare tire either.  It's supposed to be about weight savings, which I think is B.S. - it's more about cost cutting.  I had to go to a crush yard and buy a spare.  
    • So, much to my chagrin (mainly because my salesperson didn't bother to mention it), not only does the 2022 Ford Escape not come with the canvas container for the owner's manual but... IT ALSO HAS NO SPARE TIRE, NO JACK, AND NO LUG WRENCH. There is some kind of little compressor and I guess a can of some kind of inflation agent but I would rather have a spare tire, jack, and wrench. I have called dealerships all over the west and NO ONE has the spare tire kit which has a Ford Part number. How can this possible be the state of affairs? By the way, when asked about it, my salesperson did tell me later that the spare etc had been eliminated so the car WEIGHED LESS! How ridiculous... My faith in humanity is waning. Not even a spare tire...
    • I installed a new head unit today and ended up having to do it the tough way, removing the whole console because I had to dremel a little bit of the stereo opening to make the one fit. Anyway, as I was connecting everything back up, I found this guy all alone and I couldn't find anywhere it would fit into. I've tried everything and all of my controls work so I don't think I missed anything.... I do have a blank button on the far right of the row of buttons on the console, I was thinking maybe it connects to that if you have some certain option? Although Mine is basically a fully loaded Limited so I'm not sure what that would be.... https://ibb.co/SxxR62C
      https://ibb.co/ThWvPB0 Just curious,  Thabjs.
    • I'd like to be able to run just my fog lights and eventually just my Hella 500s. How do you disable the DRLs on this car?  In every other car I've done it in its very easy and straightforward, hoping this will be the same.  Any suggestions are appreciated,  Thanks. 
    • Finally caved and got sick of listening to 15 year old CDs, so I ordered a double DIN aftermarket stereo with Bluetooth, phone connectivity, back up Camera support, etc.  I already have the aftermarket harness for it, but I'm wondering if I'll also need a mounting kit? You know, the metal supports that you screw the stereo into?    Any help is appreciated,  Thanks. 
    • This is my attempt so far.  It's not terrible but I think I can do a lot better.  Anyone else done this, and what did you come up with?  Thanks.     
    • My 2014 Ford Escape has rust starting on the front right corner of the hood. The seam underneath has seperated and allows moisture to invade. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anything be done to stop or slow it down?
    • Hi All, First time finding this forum, hopefully someone in here is familiar enough with the transmissions on the 2008 cd4e. I have recently pulled mine out since I had a rust hole develop in the pump and it began leaking. Thankfully I caught it early. Changed the pump, but unfortunately when changing it the clutches slipped a little too far out and caused a bind when I started the vehicle. Anyways, now I have fully pulled the unit and am looking to rebuild. I have a twisted pump drive shaft and I am looking to replace it. But there are two lengths, 14  1/16" and 14  3/4". As far as I can see from places like cobra transmission, the 14 1/16 is for up to 2001 and the 14 3/4 is for 1994 and UP... But when I measure my pump shaft its almost 14 dead on, which I'm assuming is from the twisting shortening it. So I am hoping someone can confirm this length. I'll be posting pictures and whatnot of the rebuild once I get into it. Right now just de-greasing every nook and cranny because this thing was absolutely filthy. Thanks for any of your help!  
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