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    • I have a 20 SE. I bought the Titanium models autodimming mirror as an upgrade. When I pulled off the camera cover I saw that there wasn't a harness to plug into. Is there a y cable or something I can order to provide power to the mirror?
    • Did you locate an answer I'm having the same issue  
    • Hello, I bought 2007 escape 120K miles. Both rear brake rotors are rusty. Brake pads are not worn. Seams weird that both rear calipers would fail. Any thoughts before I start spending money on calipers? Thanks in advance for any advice.  
    • Thanks for the add! Great little SUV.  Bought it used with 122k miles in June 2021.  It had a lot wrong with it but the engine, tranny and body were sound.   Hopefully I can contribute here in some way!
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    • Dorman is literally the lowest common denominator in the aftermarket parts industry but unfortunately they are taking over many other quality manufactures without improving anything in their own line. With the failure rate I see in the industry with Dorman parts I'd rather just drive my car off a cliff then put a Dorman part in it. For something as important as a steering component, stick to the dealer only, although I understand the availability issue at the moment. Additionally, if it is not done through a dealership it will never be registered as having been done (such as with other future owners or in case of an accident). However, in the TSB, you must specifically scan the PSCM first; if codes B1342, B2277 or B2278 are not present, then only a reprogram is required. If B2278 is present then the torque sensor is replaced. If B1342 or B2277 are present then the entire steering column must be replaced.
    • I'd be interested to read any further knowledge you've acquired.
    • Bummer. I joined due to this issue. Really, Nada?
    • A newbie question: What is the "low" button in the center of the drive selection dial for? What does it do? I have a 2021 Escape SEL.    
    • I recently purchased a 2021 Escape SEL. So ... I have a lot to learn about this model and will be here often.
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