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    • Keep in mind that the reservoir cap is effectively the "radiator cap" and must be functioning and in place. If not, the system will not build pressure and it is the pressure that raises the boiling point of the coolant; without the coolant can boil over sooner and that can lead to overheating also.    Anyway, hope all is cool now (pun intended) 
    • Yeah, I'm hoping that's all it was, I mean, I haven't driven it for hours and hours, but before it only took less than 5 minutes of driving to overheat, and it isn't now.  I donno about newer Escapes, but mine doesn't have a radiator cap, just the cheap plastic cap on the overflow tank, and it was open with the fill funnel stuck in it 😄  
    • So possibly an intermittently sticking thermostat? Nice if that's all it was. I might suggest a new rad cap also since you mentioned it wasn't pulling coolant from the reservoir during cooldown. 
    • ok, thank you for your reply.  Fortunately, there were no major problems  

      To anyone that has this problem, or anything that sounds like it, here's what I did to fix it (the flushing may have been unnecessary, but, I did it anyway) I got some 3/4 tubing, garden hose connectors, 3/4 pipe barbs, and some hose clamps, removed one heater core hose (from the thermostat housing) stuck the pipe barb in it, stuck some tubing on the other side, clamping both sides of the barb, then a garden hose connector to the other end, then hooked a some tubing to the thermostat, clamping it, putting a garden hose end on it, then turned the hose on and flushed the system for a few minutes, then moved the hose from one tube to the other, and flushed it again for a few minutes, making sure the entire system was clear, then I dumped a few gallons of distilled water in the tube to flush out all the tap water, then drained it, put in a new (failsafe) thermostat, filled the system with antifreeze/distilled water, tested things out, and it worked perfectly!
    • In the process of removing my transmission from my 2007 Escape. Will be using a support bar on the engine. What is the best way to mount this to the engine. Also will be using a hydraulic jack to remove the tranny. Have it on jack stands now. About how high off the ground should it be for good clearance. The hydraulic jack is about 6 inches tall.
    • In the process of removing the transmission in my 2007 Escape. Got a couple questions. Will be using an engine support bar. What is the best way to attach this to the engine ? Also will be using an 6 ton hydraulic jack. Any suggestions using one. Also the Escape is on jack stands any ideas about how high it should be for easy tranny removal. The jack is about 6 inches in height when lowered.  Any other advice on this rebuild ? Thanks.
    • I looked at the door sill sticker(s) and there were a lot of codes and numbers, but I'm unclear as to which one is the paint code. Could anyone help me out? Thanks!
    • Do you need to know what stanford roommate essay means? Here we also meet such a word as "essay" with help of which one we can find out more detailed information on formatting and proofreading. Some students prefer to deal with a writing helper. That's a great chance!😼
    • Diluted muriatic acid. It's truly a spray, let sit for a few minutes and rinse off, makes wheels look brand new, you don't even need to scrub.  I use a pesticide sprayer to spray it on.  Just try not to get any on you, it's fairly painful. 
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