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    • I have the Titanium Hybrid model with all the extra seating bells and whistles  When sitting in the driver seat there is a hard item under the leather at the back of the seat that digs into the back of my butt.  It may be the wiring harness but it is uncomfortable.  I have taken it for service where they adjusted the wiring but I still feel it.  Even the service person could feel it when they sat in it.  I sat in a new Escape in the showroom and could feel a similar bump, but not as noticeable as mine.  They say that this was the way the car was engineered and there is not much they can do.  I found another post on the internet where someone else was complaining that it felt like an iron bar digging into their butt but have been unable to locate the post again.  Anyone else have this problem.
    • I;ve got a new 2020 Hybrid and so far I'm getting a little over 39 combined driving back and forth to work. About 60% of the that is interstate at 75 mph and the other 30% in town 40 - 55 mph. I'm using the ECO mode most of the time.  
    • Just FYI for anyone else interested in the cargo cover.   This is the part number: LJ6Z-78550A74-AA This is the best price I've found: https://www.oemfordpartsdirect.com/cart You can get the pins you need 3D printed here for less than $13.00: https://www.makexyz.com/
    • What is the part number for the cover?
    • This bushing is under the shifter in the center console that connects the shifter to the cable to change gears.  I can't seem to find a part number for replacement.  Anyone have any information?   Thanks, Randy.
    • Awesome! Those 1st Gen MS3s are gorgeous!
    • Welcome aboard. I had a 2008 Speed 3 I traded on a '15 Mustang EB Convertible last year. The motors are so similar, they must be first cousins. The Escape's motor shares some stuff, too.
    • Hey all, I just programmed two fobs on my 2006 Escape XLS. When I hit UNLOCK, on the fob nothing happens; UNLOCK twice and all the doors unlock-except the driver's side door. Unlock button on the door will also unlock all doors except driver's side. Pushing LOCK on the fob/door button will lock everything. Would this be an issue with the actuator/solenoid on the DS door lock? Bonus: when I hit PANIC, the lights faintly blink but the horn doesn't sound. Pushing on the steering wheel horn button will make the horn sound.  I just bought the car and haven't been able to find a wiring diagram. Also searched these forums but didn't find anyone with quite the same issue. Any advice would be appreciated!
    • What's up everyone! I've never been a Ford guy (had an Integra that had about 300k on it before I got rid of it and now have a Mazda) but I just picked up an 06 Escape for dirt cheap from a friend. It's got a manual trans and the same 2.3L engine as my Mazda; it's essentially a Mazda Tribute apparently.  I'm pumped to have this as a fun camping/fishing/adventure car! Been working on it, getting new tires, replacing suspension, etc. Next thing is to replace front brakes-calipers, rotors, and pads, as one of the calipers is seizing.   
    • Hi folks,  Question for you. One week ago we took a trip but before going I stopped and filled up our 2017 Escape. When I started it up it acted like it was flooded for a couple of seconds then fired up.  The next thing I know the check engine light is on. After we got back I ran my code reader and it showed P1450, p2196 and p1450. The car has 060898 miles on it if that matters. Does this sound like its the purge valve? if so that means I would have to replace the whole harness on the engine correct? Im just wondering if Im on the right track....if I have to replace that harness Im thinking I might let the mechanics deal with it from everything I have seen on You Tube. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank You.
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