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    • I hve a 09 escape I get a check engine light for small evp leak .I have cleaned the easy fill system light is still on .Thing of putting on a lockin cap ,not sure if this willl help. I just put a rubber cap over the filler neck but code show pressure in gas tank .any ideas
    • I have a used 2016 Ford Escape and a few days ago I started hearing a sound sort of like you would hear when driving over road bumps coming from the back passenger side of the vehicle. When I went to pull over to see what was going on, the vehicle shut off. I let it set for a minute, and it started back up with no more thumping sounds. Here it is a week later and it just did the same exact thing. 
      There were no warning lights of any kind. My tire isn’t loose either. 
      Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was the cause/solution?
    • I have a 2011 Escape xlt flex fuel with 103k miles which I have been having an intermittent electrical problem as of late. Upon starting the vehicle, warm or cold,  I will have no odometer display, sync audio and blower fan not functioning. If I shut the ignition off and back on it will be fine. I have checked all fuses and relays to make sure they were seated properly, this vehicle is very well maintained, regular oil changes and replaced the battery within the last 4 months. Any ideas??
    • I'm currently waiting on my build for the 2023 Escape ST-line hybrid. I placed my order on November 19, 2022. I've had different build dates to start building it beginning with February 6, February 13, February 24, March 1, March 13, and now the latest one is March 30. I'm excited but also getting agitated regarding the changes. My husband keeps me informed with the plant shutting down at one point. Hopefully it'll happen this time. It will be totally different from my 2018 Ford Escape SE. 🙂
    • I use anything but Fram. To each his own. My preferred is NAPA Gold, made by Wix.  
    • If the used unit was checked and changed, it's probably ok. However, you might want to check out some videos of older Escapes having the tc oil changed. There have been problems with some. I don't know the history of them, but it could be checked by sticking a wire in it to observe the oil.
    • There are many Escapes on the road w/few, if any problems. As with any auto, if it has been properly maintained it should bring many years of service. Any extended warranty is a crap shoot. Some wouldn't have a car without one. Others never. I prefer to have a cash reserve or savings account for unforeseen problems. An extended warranty is not something I have ever used on anything. My opinion only. If you feel confident that you have a good car, okay. If you will sleep better at night, get one. Peace of mind is priceless.
    • I have a oil leak 2014 Escape,  drivers side of motor...I have no idea what this is....(component) seems to be a gasket..any ideas?
    • It's programed through the computer and the dealer has to do it. When I had my 2012 escape DRL lights turned on they charged me $100.00
    • I have the same model... in red 🙂  I felt the same way when I first bought it
      Have you read or at least skimmed though the manual? That... will help

      A few tips: 
      When you press the button to open the trunk make sure you press and let go right away. The tendency from experience with a non power lift gate is to push and pull it up...your trunk door will not like that 🙂

      Make sure you understand the difference between driving modes EV Now etc.
      Make sure you use some  / do some gas driving. Leaving fresh gas in your tank and never using it if you drive in EV Only mode for months at a time could leave 
        Use the ford app. It has some usefulness like letting you know when your car is fully charged or how far long it is in charging and some other uses
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