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    • This is amazing to me that these seem to have this issue and Ford had a recall but not for my vin. I googled this P1299 an found exactly what happened to my wife's 2014 Ford Escape Titanium AWD 1.6 EcoBoost. The user had the exact same issue as follows. 1 Week ago wife received low coolant light so I filled it up. Today she remote started the vehicle and now on the screen is Engie Overheat Shut Down Engine - Cars in Limp Mode. When I say exactly I mean exactly wife had low coolant then on Saturday we got a snow storm in VA and she remote started the vehicle which he never does and sure enough she goes out to leave and it has the same alert Engine Overheat shut down engine. I get my scanner out and sure enough p1299 so I found people talking about both the Low Coolant Sensor an the Cylinder Head Sensor. I decided to just change both seeing they are near each other and only cost about $60 for both. We spent the day Sunday taking apart the Air Cleaner assembly in order to get to both and I paid $59 for AlldataDIY to see how to remove them which was a waste seeing all it does is show you pictures doesn't say anything about how they are connected to the car. Just FYI the Low Coolant Sensor has a Metal Retainer Clip that holds it in nothing more no socket needed. The Cylinder head sensor needs a big Socket to remove it as it has about 3 groves where it screws in but just FYI its not really that tight it continues to spin not sure how it keeps the fluid in the engine but after the repair no leaks. Code cleared car running fine also FYI the scan tool still shows permanent code p1299 but from what I read online some codes will not be removed until the engine collects enough data to clear the code. Lets cross our fingers that replacing these two really fixed the issue so far so good.
    • Hey guys, First time time poster.  So a few years ago I bought my mothers 2010, FWD, 4 cyl Escape for a few $1000 b/c I new she took care of it and a small SUV would compliment my sports sedan nicely.  I am currently spending my first winter in WV and the weather has been very snowy/icy thus far. To my disappointment the differential is open and does not have any sort of system like Subaru where a brake is applied to the slipping wheel to encourage the other wheel to turn. My question is; is getting some sort of an aftermarket, locking differential viable, feasible, practical and/or realistic?  Is there even such a thing/is such a thing even possible? Thank you for any input, -Ivan
    • I bought a high milage 2001 escape xlt 3.0 for the soul purpose of driving it on the beach out here on the wa. coast so i did a few things to it to help it in deep sand and mud...1 1\2 inch leveling and lift kit, 1 inch wheel spacers new suspension all the way around, 16 inch mud and snow tires on the stock wheels and off road lights. I also replaced the valve cover and intake gaskets and replaced the coil packs and spark plugs. As far as actualy modifying the motor to get more hp out of it i dont know i suppose a cold intake wouldnt hurt and guys are modifying ford escorts with the 3.0 wich is basically the same motor
    • My 2001 1st gen escape is a little beast. Its more like a side by side atv fully enclosed. Ive done some suspension mods ie. lift kit wheel spacers mud and snow tires and off road lighting
    • Bought my escape as a beach beater to run up and down the longbeach wa. peninsula....so far so good
    • So im looking to replace the evap canister solenoid switch and im more than concerned about the prices im seeing out there for this little switch. Does anybody know of an alternate switch that i could use at a lower price ?
    • I just recently got the car and noticed that the charging pad is loose and not laying flat so when I put my phone on it to charge it won't. Is there any way to fix this? When I put it under the pad itl charge the phone but it won't work onto of it since it's loose.
    • Hello,  I purchased Ford factory rims with TPMS off a 2017 Escape and installed them with new snow tires onto my 2021 Escape.  The TPMS light on my dash keeps coming on.  It will stay on for days, then go off for a while, then come back on usually when driving on the highway.  I purchased a relearn/reset tool that is supposed to work with Ford vehicles, but it did not work.  Can anyone recommend a relearn tool that will work on a 2021 Escape?  Thank you.      
    • Hey guys and gals. Om new to this forum. So I bought an 05 escape 3.0 xlt sport. With 160k. A couple months ago and it says on line 31 hwy-36city mpg . I get nowhere close to that . I am lucky if I get 120, miles to the tank. I drive normally and mostly highway miles. Tbe truck runs fine no skipping, no engine light, brakes good wheel bearing are on my rear are new I just did them my fronts are starting to whine a little.  But other than that I can't find any reason for that kind of milage. I had a1970 chevy Camaro z28 &1\2 with a 350. Bored out to a 383ci. With a stroker lower. And I got better milage . And my 2000 f250 v10 got better milage . Anyone else have same issue ? Any fixes that can help me out plz
    • First time poster, long time Escape owner, we are on our 4th I think. Will most likely be a lurker but have questions I'm sure.   Chippie Ho!!!!   Naples, FL
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